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Meet our newest Bread Therapists from Jordan, the USA, and the UK

Friends, meet our newest Bread Therapists, Hayoung Oh from the USA and Ken Amy from the UK, and Ibrahim and his wife Alex from Jordan, who all got trained via our platform Hayoung is a recent Master of Public Health graduate from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, and current research assistant on moral […]

Recent research papers, articles, and conference presentations on Bread Therapy

We are happy to share that in 2022 our Bread Therapy methods were selected to be presented at various international academic and professional conferences, seminars, and classes in the USA and Europe, including: “Applying Cultural Peacemaking Practices to Counseling” Faculty panel: Leah Clarke, Andrea Burden and Maya Georgieva (Counseling) Sponsored by: The Department of Graduate […]

Bread Therapy from the American East to the West Coast

Since the beginning of 2022, Dr. Maya Georgieva, trained Bread Therapist and psychotherapist at Sunstone Counseling in Washington, DC (USA), presented Bread Therapy at two international counseling (therapy) conferences, and the unique methods have been greeted with great interest. The first online sessions led by Maya had various participants joining from their home kitchens, with lots of […]

Just Published the Book Bread Therapy: Community Baking Stories from Around the World

In response to the international interest in the online training in our methods through the platform, we are happy to share that we recently published the book Bread Therapy:Community Baking Stories from Around the World. It is both an intriguing read with personal stories by the BHN Founder Nadezhda Savova-Grigorova, alongside 100+ photographs from around the world, and at […]


What else is the common and familiar and at the same time – utterly unknowable?!? Only bread and people … ” Bread is central to the story of human civilization—it is in our bones. This humble food made of flour, water, salt and yeast not only provides nourishment for the body, it also feeds our […]

Meet Noah Reibel – our American volunteer with a mission

Today we will meet you with Noah Reibel, our 2019 volunteer who came to Bulgaria from the US to volunteer and get to know more about the Bread Houses Network. He spent around 3 weeks with us at the Sofia Bread House and got involved in a wide range of activities, supporting us with the […]

Bread in Silence Program – Meet Blagovest Zahov

Last year for the first time the Sofia Bread House and the National Association of Sign Language Interpreters implemented a Bread in Silence event together! We are happy to meet you with one of the team members of the association who shares more about the effects of Bread Therapy and the organization itself. Please present […]

A new short Bread Therapy course available on Teachable

A hobby baker or a social worker? An art therapist or a person devoted to supporting the local community? A social entrepreneur or someone looking for the perfect present for a special person? If you recognize yourself in the above sentences, then our “Introduction to Bread Therapy” is just for you! Now available on Teachable! […]

“Kneading” the world around us

Bread therapy can be applied in a variety of environments and types of groups. One of the groups we work closely in the last 5 years is a groups of children and youngsters with an autism spectrum disorder. Bread therapy has proven to be truly effective for them and this year together with Autism Association […]