“Bread Building” Organizational Team Building

We have developed a new and uniquely successful method of team-building dynamics for organizations and companies through collective bread-making coupled with a specially crafted over the period of our experience team role games,  co-creative activities, and specific ambiance. The method has proven to be unique in the way it touches and transforms individuals and teams (as well as communities in our community-building programs), since it creates an unparalleled sense of unity and belonging and brings out the best – the  most caring, creative, and cooperative – dispositions in any person and in the collective spirit.

We have already organized such team-buildings for the global non-for-profit Open Society Institute’s (www.osi.org) national team in Bulgaria who all convened at the Bread House in Gabrovo and experienced what many of the participants commented as being “the best team-building experience” in terms of being most “the most enjoyable” and at the same time “the most transformative” such team-work dynamic they had ever had.

For companies and organizations, we offer special services to help nurture better relationships inside the work teams through the HR departments (through bread building team building) as well as to inspire the companies to link their HR strategy to their Corporate Social Responsibility strategy (regular community engagement programs, including the Bread methods), thus developing longer-term programs to engage more sustainably and in a more human-to-human and humane way communities and their development.

Any interested organizations or companies can contact us for more information.

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