BAKERS WITHOUT BORDERS ( is an initiative of the Bread Houses Network that connects skilled professional bakers, as well as people who bake as a hobby and employ our community-building collective bread-making methods, with communities and organizations around the world that wish to develop their own baking programs, either as bakeries and social enterprises or as community programs for social integration and cooperation. Through on-site or remote trainings, business plan development advising, social skills coaching, and mentoring, the Bakers Without Borders volunteers, whom we call “Crumbassadors”, spread the power of bread to unite people and bring peace even in places ravaged by poverty and violence.
An exemplary “Baker without Borders” is Roswitha Huber (Austria) and her Baking School in the Mountain (, high up in the Austrian Alps close to Salzburg. Roswitha has traveled across the globe, from Europe to Africa, to bake with local people and help communities develop their own local baking programs, such as a community oven operated by women in a small village in Madagascar.
Another “Baker without Borders” is Rossi Anastopoulo (USA) from South Carolina, USA. An avid baker, Rossi spent summer 2014 interning at the Bread House in Gabrovo, Bulgaria, and plans to use the experience and knowledge she gained to begin a Bread House program at her university in North Carolina to unite various groups throughout the community and inspire the use of bread as a tool for social development. She also runs a healthy baking blog called A Baking Girl. If you want to know more about her experience, interning, Bakers without Borders, or anything else, feel free to contact her at
Please contact us if you are interested in joining the Bakers without Borders initiative!


  1. lach cornet genevieve

    Hello! I have been running an organic bakery for the last 20 years in the South West of France, working on my own and selling my products ( many different kinds of breads, but also cakes and biscuits and chocolate) locally.
    I have specialized on sourdough baking, so as not to depend on commercial yeast manufacturers, and also because of its so many benefits including health.
    I have been looking for an organisation like yours for quite a while, because i would like to make my experience useful in places where people might need it to become more self sufficient.
    If you think i would fit in with your program, please contact me!

    Genevieve Lach Cornet

  2. simon Gray

    Kia Ora,
    Greetings from New Zealand, I am just starting out on a project called ‘Bread Makers of Porirua, Unite!’. A community arts project working with the people of Porirua and particularly new immigrants. Any information or knowledge you have gained from using bread making as a community activity would be great to read and any useful information you can share based on your experiences would be helpful.
    Thank you in advance

  3. RuselBusisiwe Quaery

    I am a pastry arts student at Escoffier. Very passionate about bread and socio/economic equality. I want to do my externship with a baker in this movement.


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