Our International Team


Dr. Nadezhda Savova, Founder and President/Global Coordinator: n.savova@international3c.org

Europe and Bulgaria: sofia@bread.bg

Detroit: Mariana Juliette, former volunteer at the Plovdiv (Bulgaria) Bread House:mjuliette@gmail.com

North Carolina: Rossi Anastopoulo, former volunteer at the Gabrovo (Bulgaria) Bread House: anastopo@live.unc.edu

Mexico, Cuernavaca: Antoaneta Antonova, President of the Mexican Institute for Cultural Diplomacy, coordinator of the local Bread House initiative: antoaneta1026mx@gmail.com

Canada and Thailand: Shadia Sallit, organizing the Thai Bread House project from Canada: shadia_sallit@hotmail.com

Tadjikistan: Nadezhda Zdravkova, coordinator for the Pamir Bread House, built close to the border with Afghanistan: nadezhda.zdravkova@giz.de

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