Refiring Furni: Focal Baking Points



Across the world industrial bread production is killing the ritual of making bread at home, and in particular around the Mediterranean this leads to the dying off of the traditional community ovens (furna/forno/four/horno, etc), where the women or children used to take the home-made bread to bake, using the waiting time for baking as time for social interactions. Our mission is to revive the traditional community ovens  to serve as focal/fire-centered points (literally and symbolically) of interactions and cooperation as people, as this time we add a new component, which is the opportunity for people of all ages and cultures to come together and make the bread as well as bake it at the communal oven/Bread House.

Our mission is to save the traditional oven-building traditions around the world, and revive them by inspiring people to build together local tradition ovens (whether tandoori in India, tone in Georgia, or podnitza in Bulgaria).

The Bread Houses housed at old, revived communal ovens (furna in Bulgaria) are planned as social enterprises to employ low-income people and orphans as staff, and people with disabilities/special abilities as community organizers of collective bread-making events to reignite local traditions and nourish creativity.

Currently we are raising funds to revive the more than a century old traditional “furna”/community oven in the Old Historic Town (UNESCO Heritage) of Plovdiv, Bulgaria! 

Please HELP US WITH YOUR DOUGH-NATIONS to create communities around the aroma of fire and hot bread! 


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