“Etudes in Flour” is an original inreractive, multimedia and multi-sensorial performance created by the BHN Founder, Dr. Nadezhda Savova-Grigorova. There are a few types of performances.

One type of Etudes in Flour performances are structured around live music and poems by Nadezhda, which she improvisationally accompanies and interprets by creating drawings in flour on a black table, as the images are being projected live by a camera on a big screen. The audience is both impressed by the beauty of the mixed media, the while flour and the blackness of the surrounding environment, and the dynamism of the drawings “dancing” to the music. The performance also begins with a short presentation and discussion on the topic of the power of the arts (including breadmaking and other culinary arts) and beauty in social transformation.

Another type of performance engages and presents touching personal stories about the ups and downs in life and the power of faith, hope, love. The stories are told by people of all walks of life and cultural backgrounds – people who are deaf, sight-impaired, refugees, lone mothers…all so different and yet all united by the same power to share and to review with hope and even humour their life paths, which are being recreated with drawings in flour. The storytellers can complement or change the flour image of their story, and what makes the stories even more dynamic is that anyone from the audience is invited to join Nadezhda at the black table and participate in the creation of the drawings. All of this creates a uniquely sincere, supportive, and intimate environment of sharing and co-creation.