Our Interns

Noah Reibel, a journalist from New York who has worked on documentaries for public television in the United States. He wants to revive and bring different communities together through bread-making and building an oven in a refugee camp Ketermaya, near Beirut, Lebanon. Noah volunteered at Sofia Bread house in January 2020.

Rossi Anastopoulo, Global Studies at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Former Summer Intern at the Gabrovo Bread House; Lives in Charleston, SC, USA.

Angela Lee Ka Ki, CEP Studio Mentor at Pratt Institute; Studies Architecture at Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY; Lives in Brooklyn, New York.

Viviana Mardones Alvarado, Princeton in Latin America Fellow at Yspaniola; Former Summer Intern at Bread Houses Network; Studied Sociology at Princeton University ’14; Lives in Esperanza, Valverde.

Mila Ivanova, from Plymouth University, UK, intern for the period summer 2015-summer 2016 at the Plovdiv Bread House.

Molly Reeder, baker and illustrator from the USA, with baking experience in New Zealand, intern at the Sofia Bread House in summer/fall of 2015.

Cherry Cheng, an architect, designer and passionate baker from Hong Kong; intern at the Sofia Bread House in fall 2015.

Elizabeth Chavdarska, currently finishing my Bachelor degree in Political Science and International Relations with a minor in Macroeconomics from the University of Amsterdam. My main aspiration after graduation is to create positive social and environmental value with my work. The Bread House Network gave me the valuable opportunity to see how a social enterprise functions and to learn more about the numerous benefits of Bread Therapy. At some point, I would like to set up my own social enterprise with an environmental mission.

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