Our Interns

Noah Reibel, a journalist from New York who has worked on documentaries for public television in the United States. He wants to revive and bring different communities together through bread-making and building an oven in a refugee camp Ketermaya, near Beirut, Lebanon. Noah volunteered at Sofia Bread house in January 2020.

Rossi Anastopoulo, Global Studies at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Former Summer Intern at the Gabrovo Bread House; Lives in Charleston, SC, USA.

Angela Lee Ka Ki, CEP Studio Mentor at Pratt Institute; Studies Architecture at Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY; Lives in Brooklyn, New York.

Viviana Mardones Alvarado, Princeton in Latin America Fellow at Yspaniola; Former Summer Intern at Bread Houses Network; Studied Sociology at Princeton University ’14; Lives in Esperanza, Valverde.

Mila Ivanova, from Plymouth University, UK, intern for the period summer 2015-summer 2016 at the Plovdiv Bread House.

Molly Reeder, baker and illustrator from the USA, with baking experience in New Zealand, intern at the Sofia Bread House in summer/fall of 2015.

Cherry Cheng, an architect, designer and passionate baker from Hong Kong; intern at the Sofia Bread House in fall 2015.

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