Our game Bakers without Borders receives international recognition

The essence and vision of the Bread Houses Network

TED Talk on Social Entrepreneurship and the Bread Houses Network Social Franchise vision,
January 2011 (click on CC button for English subtitles)

BREAD MOVEMENT Launching at the COP 15 Global Environmental Forum and the Culture Futures Conference on Arts and Sustainability in Copenhagen, December 2009. Nadezhda Savova further discusses the broader meaning and importance of community cultural centers (the Bread Houses being one innovative kind of such communal space) for sustainable development and an area deserving special attention in cultural policies and development strategies globally.

* BHN PROJECT MANAGEMENT and STRATEGY DEVELOPMENT talk by Dr. Nadezhda Savova in an interview for the French online platform for project management ( run by Claire Cornic:


– “Bread and Samba” Event at the MIMA Studio Cultural Center in Brooklyn, New York, spring 2012 filmed by the MIMA Team ( MIMA, founded as our BHN by another Princeton University graduate, has been developing music workshops for mixed groups from low-income areas around the world as a way to awaken people’s creativity, which resonates much with the BREAD Method of community-revitalization and peace-building through collective bread-making workshops around the world. It was through cooperation between BHN and MIMA that the Kitchen Music Method was born in 2012, grounded in the way Brazilian Samba was born in the kitchen as slave women were playing music on their pots and pans in order to keep their spirits up through hardship.

– Video by Rosenblum TV, Princeton YMCA, February 2012 (password is trenton) 


– Inter-generational workshop with Christmas theme for the community around the Holy Virgin Orthodox Cathedral (St. John of San Francisco), San Francisco, December 16, 2012.

In the spirit of Christmas, this Theater of Crumbs workshop took as a basic text to expand on the parable from the Bible about the Kingdom of God being like yeast that a woman puts into 3 measures of flour and that raises the whole dough.  A group from all ages and walks of life interpreted how this parable connects to the transformation of their lives and each person from flour to risen bread in the context of the Incarnation of Christ, making puppets out of bread to create new characters added to the main Biblical story, now set in present-day San Francisco. In this city where Hope and Sorrow open up the scene talking about the business of Sorrow around Christmas, with so many people feeling lonely and depressed, the intersection of multiple human stories and their relentless hope in seeking the small seeds of good across the city culminate with a new conversation between Sorrow and Hope. 

* “PROS-PHORA”: WORLD SACRED BREADS METHOD, in Bulgarian National TV Documentaries about the first Bread House in Gabrovo, Bulgaria, and its collective bread-making methods for traditional prosphora Liturgical bread and other Eastern-Orthodox Christian ritual breads:

* “BREAD AND CHOCOLATE”, Documentary with the participation of Nadezhda Savova and Laura Esquivel, Mexican author of “Like Water for Chocolate”, Bulgarian National TV

This documentary features Nadezhda Savova making bread and Laura Esquivel, Mexican author of “Like Water for Chocolate” making chocolate, as the two talk about the importance and power of food in human culture, explored through the iconic foods of bread and chocolate, which have also historically played key roles in rituals as sacred foods. Bread and chocolate resemble each other as perhaps the two foods that undergo the greatest stages of transformation and creativity from one substance and texture to the  other. As such, bread and chocolate are beautiful symbols and metaphors of life and human relations, from the amount of salt (tears) in the bread that gives it the perfect flavor, to the levels of bitterness or milkiness of the chocolate. May your life be sweet and your spirit rise like bread! 


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