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DOUGH-Nate and become member of the Bread Houses Network family!

Join us in the vision to infuse the world with the aroma of hot bread as we develop sustainable Bread House programs in communities through social enterprise bake houses and cultural centers, reviving traditional communal ovens where existing, and turning them into focal points where people of all walks of life come to make, bake, and break bread together!

The Bread Houses are planned as social enterprises and community centers with the misson to train and employ low-income people and orphans as staff (bakers, team building trainers, and community organizers), as well as people with diverse special needs and potential to develop good social skills (sight-impaired, handicapped, people with Down Syndrome, etc.) to be our community workshop facilitators in the collective bread-making events. The mission of these Bread Houses is to serve as the community gathering points that reignite local traditions, educate about solidarity, equality in diversity, cooperation in sustainable living and nutrition, arts and creativity.

Our Mobile Bread House based in Princeton, NJ, can take the joy of collective bread-making on wheels to various low-income neighborhoods building a sense of community and enable local people to take up our methods in their hands and turn the rhythms of bread-making into the pulse of community daily life.

We seek to nurture a new culture of giving: of “dough”-nors creating “dough nations”

We consult companies in developing a culture of giving that is truly engaged and sustainable, and we do it by inspiring companies to rediscover the roots of the word “company” (from Latin, “com” and “panis” means “sharing bread” among a group of people). Once a revived “company”, we inspire corporate donors to have a more responsible and engaged CSR strategies by engaging through regular community activities (including bread-making but not limited to it) with the disadvantaged groups they are seeking to support. In this sense, if a company likes our Bread Building team building service, we work with them towards developing this previously HR department initiative into a CSR department program/strategy, so that they can continue these transformative co-creative activities with people in need.

This is the alternative we offer to the often anonymous giving that companies undertake without the participation of their employees, and a culture of giving that empowers disadvantaged people to themselves transform their lives through some collective initiatives together with already successful professionals. In this way, the “dough”-nors nurture unity around the shaping and sharing of dough, creating true “dough-nations”, or nations of people from all walks of life creating together, united in both diversity and equality around the round table, seeking together to craft simple and real ways of building a common good!

Helps us continue making tangible difference possible on the ground through hands-on engagement with the elements of bread as metaphors of the basic values in life: flour (unity of many), yeast (love), salt (cooperation in trial), and water (pure hearts).

Please, contact us directly since for us it is very important to have a close and personal relationship with our supporters.



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