A new short Bread Therapy course available on Teachable

A hobby baker or a social worker? An art therapist or a person devoted to supporting the local community? A social entrepreneur or someone looking for the perfect present for a special person?

If you recognize yourself in the above sentences, then our “Introduction to Bread Therapy” is just for you! Now available on Teachable!

Immerse yourself in the world of bread therapy through our newest course which will lead your way through the basics of bread making as a simple High-Touch solution in a world of complex problems. You will get to know the main methods and programs we use with people with special needs, visually impaired, refugees, people at risk and homeless people. Bread making as bringing people from diverse backgrounds to make, bake and break bread together. The course is suitable for everyone and doesn’t require any special skills.

The short course is divided in 5 sections containing interactive video materials, pictures and additional case studies. Here is a summary of the course curriculum:

  • Introduction
  • Importance of Bread Therapy and some backgrounds
  • Why does the world need Bread Therapy?
  • How did it all start?
  • The Innovation of Theater of Crumbs as Bread Therapy
  • What is Bread Therapy?
  • Theater of Crumbs and Kitchen Music
  • Bread Therapy Case Studies
  • Bread Therapy Programs Application
  • Bread Therapy Programs
  • Social Entrepreneurship and Bread making
  • Conclusion

The course is available on the platform Teachable at the price of 116.40$ and it will provide you with a unique method for driving positive social change through high-touch bread-making services and unique Bread Therapy that nurture respect, inclusion, and creativity in communities around the globe. Enroll now!

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