What else is the common and familiar and at the same time – utterly unknowable?!? Only bread and people … ”

Bread is central to the story of human civilization—it is in our bones. This humble food made of flour, water, salt and yeast not only provides nourishment for the body, it also feeds our collective desire for a connection to culture and community. Bread is the focus of the Canadian film “Bread in the Bones” which tells complex stories of love and loss, work and pleasure, poetry and politics, art and immigration. Bread in the Bones takes us on an exploratory journey – from Coney Island and rural Vermont to France, Germany, Bulgaria and beyond – to discover stories where bread is always at the centre.

The film is part of the Master of Arts Film Festival, dedicated to documentary film for art, within the CULINARY ART category. The film has been selected in the program for the online edition of the festival and you will be able to watch it until February 27 on the video content platform +

HERE you can find the trailer of the movie! Enjoy J

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