Be A “Crumbassador”!

Become our CRUMBASSADOR of Peace!

“Crumbassador” is our take on what an Ambassador’s mission is in nurturing diplomacy and peace-building but in our case focused on collective bread making and bread breaking as innovative processes and tools for cultural diplomacy.

“Crumbassador”  links the word “crumb,” key metaphor for society as the bread consisting of many crumbs, and the word “assador” which plays on the Spanish word “asador” or someone baking in an open fire, such as a wood-fired oven or barbeque.

A BHN Crumbassador can be any individual, group of people, or organization that shares our vision of the world as one table and bread-making as the  most genuine communication through which we strive to nurture respect, peace, love, and collective creativity.

Our first Crumbassador is Toni Tsvetanova, originally from Bulgaria, who upon graduation from Colby College in the USA was awarded the Thomas J. Watson Award to explore social entrepreneurship around the world for a year before starting Law School at Berkeley. Toni’s project is titled “Redefining Homelessness: A Promise for Change through Social Enterprise” and from Brazil to Peru and now India, Toni has been exploring various local models o f social entrepreneurship comparing them to and promoting the Bread Houses model of a network of social enterprises – bakeries and cultural centers.

Another Crumbassador is Philipp Elek who is co-Founder of an Association for sustainable lifestyle in Germany (Bewusst-Sinn e.V.). He is member of “Kornkreis”  (~Crop circles) = german team of “BakersWithoutBorders”. Philipp is “theBakePacker” + Travelling with a mission: permaculture all over the world.

Crumbassadors could be engaged in a variety of activities, which can include but are not limited to: organizing collective bread-making events in various communities and countries; developing media campaigns; starting local BHN programs; volunteering at organizations by contributing the BHN method or just a hot bread (see the Bread Exchange project,; organizing Theater of Crumbs events with varied ages across educational and social institutions; and any other bread-related activity or program that you see related to our mission and vision of nourishing peace and coexistence through bread breaking.

For more information on the application process to become a BHN Crumbassador, please contact us through email.



One thought on “Be A “Crumbassador”!

  1. Emily Leighton


    I am a 26 year old baker from the US, but have been living and working in Chile in education and with at-risk youth. I am interested in the Crumbassador initiative because I could see it being something very powerful and beneficial for the communities here.



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