We started the Bread in the Dark project – We Knead to Mix!

The first trainings (on September, 29-30 and October, 6-7) in the Bread in the Dark method started on September, 29-30 and October, 6-7. The trainings were part of the “Bread in the Dark – We Knead to Mix” project, funded by Vivacom Regional Grant (http://vivacomfund.bg/#home). Fifteen people with sight impairments participated in the training. Together with the Sofia Bread House team, they went through the steps of the Theatre of Crumbs method and discovered the variety of metaphors associated with the ingredients of bread.

Fifteen volunteers joined the events as partners to the participants in the training. They took the challenge to knead bread in total darkness and counted on their other senses and people standing next to them to use the space and express their thoughts through bread figures. Dressed in special aprons with a braille signature “we knead to mix,” the participants discussed the topics of trust and freedom.

These two trainings laid the foundation for Sofia Bread House bread-making activities in complete darkness. They will continue as special events as well as a paid service.

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