We participated in the first Game Pedagogy festival in Poland

Between 19 and 22 October the city of Opole hosted the first International Game Pedagogy Festival in Poland, organized by the Polish Association of Pedagogues and Animators KLANZA . The colorful and cheerful event gathered teachers, trainers, facilitators and animators for whom plays and creative activities are the best method for achieving intellectual and emotional development of various age groups.

Together with the participants from Poland, Germany, Holland and Austria was Sandra from the Sofia Bread House team. The Bread Houses Network board game “Build a Bread House” was played in three languages – Polish, English and German! Despite the language barriers and the cultural differences the players achieved a consensus and a common idea for a social enterprise. Many others took the challenge to participate in the Theatre of Crumbs. At the flour canvas they presented their visions about game pedagogy and shared what they see as the salt and the sugar in this approach.

Various workshops and creative activities took place during the festival – related to circus skills, playing with metaphor cards, talent discovery or using theatre for anti-discrimination education. The participants shared their good practices in awakening creativity, discovering new horizons and activating the brain and the body.

A big thank you to the organizers for the great experience and for the chance to share our methods with so many people interested in our work!


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