Solidarity Bread at the Solidarity Fest

For the second year, the Sofia Bread House took part in the Solidarity Fest which took place on 23 and 24 June in front of the Sofia History Museum. The event was organized by Caritas-Sofia in cooperation with Multi Kulti Collective and CVS-Bulgaria.  The goal of the festival is „to emphasize the importance of solidarity in the widest sense – between different groups of people, between cultures, generations, between man and nature.”

This is why the Sofia Bread House took part with an event from the „Solidarity Bread” series, which is being organized since September 2017 together with the initiative Solidarity Kitchen of the Food, not bombs – Sofia citizen movement. As it was raining on the day of the event – 23 June, the bread making was located in the Sofia Bread House and not in front of the Sofia History Museum. Same as every month, activists and volunteers, among which unprivileged people made bread together. On the next day the breads became part of the free lunch for people from vulnerable groups, organized by the „Solidarity Kitchen” in the Solidarity Club on 51 Georg Washington St. The bread making was based on the „Theatre of Crumbs” method and gave the chance to everyone to express their vision of solidarity.

We want to thank the photographer Lora Dimitrova for the powerful pictures from the event! Take a look at the whole album here.


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