A new bread house in Prevala village

In June, in Prevala village, about 130 km from the capital of Bulgaria, a new Bread House was opened! It’s located in the old community bakery in the village, equipped with a wooden oven.

The Bread House will be combined with a manufactory for natural jams and syrops, which employs women from the local community called „Sinevka”. Maya Kirilova from the nearby town Chiprovtsi is the founder and owner of the enterprise and the new space for community bread makings.  In 2015 Maya and a friend of hers opened a small workshop in the old village bakery, which was renovated thanks to the help of the Bulgarian-Swiss Cooperation Programme.

The new Bread House is aiming at reviving the bread traditions in the village – by the organization of community bread makings and the production of artisan bread. Soon, the new social center will have a hall with weaving looms where will be organized workshops for passing on the traditions.

In May, the team of the new Bread House underwent training in the main methods of the Bread Houses Network. As a part of it, a community bread making was organized with ladies from the local folklore dances club and the village. The topic of the event was „What does bread mean for me?” and the participants shared their childhood memories and what were the bread related traditions in their families.

With the Bread House in Prevala, the Bread Houses in Bulgaria become nine. The rest of them are located in Sofia (2), Plovdiv, Zlataritsa, Gabrovo (2) Lobosh village and Svilengrad.

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