FedEx supported the Bread Houses Network core team

In September 2018 the BHN team had the great opportunity to participate in the first FedEx Global Leadership Corps program in Bulgaria, aiming at supporting civil society organizations. The project was implemented in partnership with the international organization PYXERA Global and engaged four more Bulgarian NGO’s: Humans in the LoopJA Bulgaria, Citizens and Trust for Social Achievement.

Within the program three experienced FedEx experts worked with the BHN team for a month: Noki Martin (financial exert from FedEx Services), Wes Milligan (communication expert from FedEx Freight) and Sarah Subick (organizational development expert from FedEx Express). Their goal was to strengthen the BHN team by examining its business plan and by helping to build up the professional capacity of the organization. Based on interviews, observed events, SWOT analysis, RACI analysis, review of all available written material, financial material, and web presence, the FedEx team submitted recommendations for improvements in the existing work processed but also for introduction of new work activities within the organization.


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