We Learned More about People with Visual Impairments

At the end of January 2018, Milena and Lily from the Sofia Bread House team took part in visual awareness training on the project “Applied Theater in Support of Children and Youth with Visual Impairments,” funded by the EU and more specifically the European Social Fund Operation Programme on Human Resources Development. Participants in the training were educators from the country. The highlights and themes of the training included strategies for working with visually-impaired children and youth, the impact of visual impairments on children with such impairments, how and with what resources to support their development. The practical sessions included a workshop on safely guiding people with impaired vision in their surrounding environment, simulation exercises, as well as a theater seminar for young people with impaired vision. The Welsh expert Nicola Crews shared hеr rich experience in managing the risks of organizing activities for visually impaired children. And later, along with other trainers and organizers of the event, she participated in a “Bread In the Dark” event аt the Sofia Bread House. Bread In the Dark is a method for community-building and personal transformation, in which facilitators with visual impairments and sighted people make bread in a darkened environment and share their thoughts on important topics.

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