Tastes of the Danube Project in Ulm fomenting the BHN vision of a European Bread Cultural Route

The Bread Houses Network took active part in the international Tastes of the Danube Project and its final conference and public event “Breakfast on the Bridge” in Ulm, Germany, in July 2016. The project and the big international event, where BHN Founder Dr. Nadezhda Savova-Grigorova was among the keynote speakers, strengthened a network along the Danube of people and organizations working with bread as a tool for unity and community-building.
Nadezhda’s long-envisioned dream to create a European and then global Bread (for Social Change) Cultural Route attracted many more partners and co-visionaries, and thus BHN continues to work towards the realization of the Cultural Route, with concrete contact points, places to visit, and events and programs to take part in the currently 20 European countries where BHN has developed partnerships.

Watch a video of the final public event of the Tastes of the Danube Project, an international Breakfast on the Bridge with traditional breads,music, and dances from all Danube countries.

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