New bread making initiative has started

We are happy to share with you one of our newest initiatives with which we have celebrated the end of 2019 – bread making in hospitals.

At the end of December, we organized a bread making in St. Naum’s Hospital, coming together with a wonderful group of active and smiling children hospitalized at the medical centre. We believe that our visit there has brought at least a little bit of joy and new experience to the difficult stay of the small patients.

The topic of the bread making was connected to the approaching Christmas and New Year’s Eve holidays and the positive emotions and moments that children want to experience outside of the the frames of neurology. As always playing the Theater of Crumbs, kneading the soft dough and decorating the breads brought a lot of joy and smiles. The opportunity to interact with such wonderful and ready-to-do children was a great experience for us as well. Bread making was turned into a real celebration as we were joined by the talented musician Konstantin, who with a guitar and some songs, turned the quiet hospital canteen into a space for sharing emotions and positive energy.

We hope to have the opportunity to realize many more bread makings around the hospitals in Bulgaria and to support more people in their hard times!

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