Getting in Touch with the Tastes of the East

In the unusually warm Saturday of February 17, the Sofia Bread House was filled with flavors and tastes from the Middle East. Together with our close partners from the Council of Refugee Women in Bulgaria we organized an event titled “Breads of the East” in which women from Syria and from Syrian descent revealed some of the secrets of their traditional cuisine to Bulgarian participants. The event attracted great interest and managed to confirm the Syrian proverb “Even a small house can hold a thousand friends”! Everyone has the opportunity to try out their skills and make a fluffy “fatair” with cheese and spinach, an aromatic sambusak with olives and crunchy sweet cookies, sprinkled with sesame.
This was the second “Breads of the East” event, organized with the financial support of the German civil society organization Shoes for Bulgaria – Aktion “Schuhe für Bulgarien”.


Photos by the Council of Refugee Women in Bulgaria.

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