Gabrovo Bread House and Social Enterprise Visit Sliven Festival


During the last weekend in June, the team at the Bread House and social enterprise in Gabrovo visited an artisan foods and crafts festival in Sliven, Bulgaria, to spread the word about our program and connect with other like-minded individuals. Set on top of a mountain overlooking the plains of Southern Bulgaria, it was a festival full of interesting and unique projects dedicated to producing goods with the utmost skill and care, from artisan cheeses to jewelry to pastries. At our own booth, we had information about the Bread Houses Network projects and our social enterprise, as well as a ton of our traditional sourdough to sell. Needless to say, it was a hit, and we just about sold out by the end of the weekend. We also met lots of new friends and  supporters, and had a ton of fun while promoting the mission of the Bread Houses Network.





One thought on “Gabrovo Bread House and Social Enterprise Visit Sliven Festival

  1. Breezy Kelly.

    Just found out about The Bread House, almost to late but there are still three days to go until the event. “International Bake Bread for Peace Day” is on October the 24th. It was born out of the wish for Peace, the world is in chasos and it’s going from bad to worse, we all feel helpless that there is nothing we can do. Breaking Bread together is a universal sign of Peace, what better way to express our wish for Peace than to bake and share Bread together in Peace and for Peace. We are asking people to create events in their local areas, their community halls, their workplaces, their libiarys, there places of worship, their own kitchens, anywhere that people can come together to mindfully bake and share Bread on the 24th. This is not a fund raising event, you can’t buy Peace…You have to give it! We are asking people to post details of how they plan to mark the day on the Bake Bread for Peace facebook page and afterwards to share photos or videos of their Peace Bread on the same page. I know this is very late in the day for you to find out about this world event but i’m living in the possibility that even now you will be able to take part in some way. Together we will make a difference. I look forward to hearing from you. Keep an eye on the Bake Bread for Peace facebook page for information and updates.
    I send you gentle thoughts.
    Yours sincerely,
    Breezy Kelly.

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