Discover your Why

The incredible journey to unlock our full potential through artistic and theatrical techniques as part of The Pitch: Theater of ideas project (see Projects section) continued in Maribor, Slovenia between the 9th and 13th of September.

Through various methods presented by the host of the workshop – Prizma Foundation – we tried to understand more about ourselves, our fears, limitations and to get a bit closer to our personal strength. We painted and shared personal stories, created a “personal canvas”, in which we portrayed our qualities, discovered the meaning of life through the IKIGAI technique, and trained the teamwork skills among the fresh nature of the Pohorje area.All of this fits in with the motto of the workshop – Discover Your Why – and in addition to developing our personal potential, we aimed to offer innovative solutions to the long-term youth unemployment in Maribor. Among us were four unemployed youths who shared their stories and difficulties in finding a job, and after the end of the event their faces glowed and expressed more optimism. Our ideas, like at the end of each seminar, were presented to a jury in 30 seconds and broadcast live on youtube.

The increasingly dynamic and unpredictable world we live in requires equally dynamic and creative solutions to the problems of the professional and personal realization. Thanks to projects such as this one, coordinated by the Croatian Tresnjevka Cultural Center, people from vulnerable groups, as well as anyone interested, can develop skills in a non-conventional and fun way. The next “performance” is due in December in Thessaloniki, Greece – prepare for a real theater!

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