Bread Houses Network welcomes new Crumbassadors from Italy

We are happy to share with you some exciting news! Till the end of the year we will implement 6 online trainings of various Italian organizations whose work is revolving around social inclusion and activities with migrants. We are glad that we will have the opportunity to share with them all of our Bread Therapy methods and good practices in making our society more inclusive and understanding.

We have already initiated these trainings with two Italian cooperatives – the social cooperative Con Te and HDmenti association both operating in Veneto region in Italy. For these purposes we have also developed an Italian version of our new online training platform in order to make the experience and use of the platform more reachable and beneficial for our newest trainees. Before giving them the opportunity to immerse themselves in the online training modules, we met online for a day in order to follow the steps of our beloved Theater of Crumbs and together create the common story and song of their teams.

These online meetings were truly inspiring both for us and for the participants, full of sharing and exchange of ideas, of better understanding themselves and the others. There were a lot of questions and answers given, a lot of laughter and positive belief that our work in the social sector can and should be continued and that we need to be flexible and innovative in these difficult and challenging times.

And even though we were separated by thousands of kilometers, the common desire to build a more inclusive society was brought by the power of bread!

We hope that our friends from the social cooperative Con Te and HDmenti association will continue supporting their local communities and that BREAD THERAPY will contribute to bringing more equality and understanding in their region.

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