BHN leading training of trainers on the 3S guidance method in Salzburg, March 2014


As a result of the workshop of the Bread Houses Network at the Austrian Euroguidance Conference in October 2013 in Vienna, the Salzburg-based network of guidance organizations invited BHN to lead a workshop in Salzburg in March 2014. The particular method presented was the “3S: Sifting-Shaping-Sharing”, method for alternative and creative career orientation. 3S aims to engage the people seeking guidance (youth at schools, immigrants, refugees, unemployed, etc.) in collective bread-making mixed with deep metaphors, story-telling, imagination and critical analysis of potential future life and career paths.

The workshop was a training of trainers working in diverse guidance organizations, mainly with immigrants and refugees, and the professionals agreed that the method can be very useful in their work since bread-making creates a common language among various age and cultural groups, create equality among people and opens dialogue and discussion, which lead to deep and serious reflections on past and future paths, mission, and purpose, meanings and values in life.

The long-term vision for the cooperation between the Bread Houses Network and the Salzburg-area guidance organizations is that the 3S method and other BHN community-building methods (such as Theater of Crumbs and Kitchen Music) can be diffused throughout various regional and national organizations in Austria.


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