Be the Change You Want to See in the World

Every change starts by ourselves – this was the message of the Social Entrepreneurship Competition ‘Innovation Station: Social Change Starts Here‘, organized by Better Community Club at AUBG. The three-day competition involved Generation Z (over 50 young people between 17 and 25 years old) as well as the biggest and most influential NGOs in Bulgaria in order to come up with brilliant and creative solutions to social problems. The Bread House Network was pleased to be part of this amazing competition as one of the mentoring organizations. To every team of 4 to 6 participants was assigned a case to be resolved in the innovative spirit of social entrepreneurship.




The cases were prepared by NGOs and each team received two mentors for guidance during the challenge; one AUBG lecturer and one representative from the invited NGOs. The teams had one weekend to work on their case and come up with an innovative solution to present to a seven-member jury at the end of the competition.







One of the teams in the competition received our support as well as the chance to develop their innovative solution through the prism of the game ‘Bakeries Without Borders‘, which allowed participants to go through the various steps of setting up a social enterprise and practically testing their idea. The inspiring stories of solving social cases around the world (part of game 3) charged the participants with confidence that the world could be a better place.






Our participation in the competition was not only emotionally charged but also very enriching, bringing us hope and faith in the future. The presentation of all participants was fascinating and the team who received the social case proposed by the Bread House Network ranked third in the competition. The first two places were awarded to the teams that solve the cases of the organizations Single Step and the Arete Youth Foundation.

Here you can find the final of the competition with all the presentations of ideas!

What do you think about social change?

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