Baking Bread for Health and Social Development

On 12th April the project Baking Bread for Health and Social Developmentwill be launched. The Bread Houses Network is implementing it in partnership with the Health and Social Development Foundation (HESED). Thanks to the financial support of the charity fund of the International Women’s Club in Sofia between April and December 2018 we’ll organize 10 educational  bread makings with children between 4 and 8 years old living in the Sofia district “Fakulteta”.

The events will be held at the HESED’s Health and Social Center for Development of the Roma Community located in the “Fakulteta” neighborhood in Sofia, as well as in the Sofia Bread House. The meetings will be based on the innovative methods developed by the Bread Houses Network: “Theater of Crumbs”, “Kitchen Music” and “Fun Culinary” and will include creative and culinary activities. The children will not only learn how to make bread and other pastry products, but they will also get to know better the world that surrounds them and will improve their communication skills. Every event will be devoted to a different important topic – family, friendship, school, seasons, the future profession, and many others.

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