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Due to the state of emergency in Bulgaria and all around the world, we from The Bread Houses Network are adapting our activities for the months of the quarantine. We present to you the following online bread makings that will make your daily life a little more creative and diverse and your relationships with the loved ones more cohesive and appreciated.

Friend Bread – This is an event for those who have decided to build piece by piece a strong and stable friendship. We will invite you to draw in your flour the story of your friendship, the difficult and beautiful moments that you share together and turn your love into a nutritious and beautiful bread.

Price: 40 BGN / 20 EUR per two

Family Bread – Family bread is an event that all family members can participate in. Both small and big are taking part in the “Theater of Crumbs” method – they draw in flour on a theme chosen by the whole family and look for metaphors and lessons that hide in the ingredients of the bread. When kneading the dough, the overall rhythm is sought, and in the end, everyone forms their own unique bread.

Price: 50 BGN / 25 EUR per family

Love Bread – Love bread is an event for couples who have chosen to share the salt and the sugar in their lives with each other. We will again follow the method “Theater of Crumbs” to rediscover the story of your love – we will invite you to draw in flour, discover the metaphors that hide in the ingredients of the bread and, of course, knead and shape your couple’s unique bread.

Price: 40 BGN / 20 EUR per two


Traditional bread / pastry products – Kneading of authentic Bulgarian sourdough bread / banitsa or other pastry products with stories about Bulgarian traditions and customs. The activity is suitable for foreign residents, foreigners living in Bulgaria, as well as for anyone who wants to learn more about the Bulgarian traditions.

Price: 15 BGN / 8 EUR per participant



Fun Culinary – This is a storytelling and edutainment method aimed at children and young people by engaging them in culinary art activities: decoration of different meals, sandwiches, portraiture and book characters and playing with them in a story.

Price: 15 BGN / 8 EUR per child


Theater of Crumbs– The method involves drawing in flour and engaging bread figures and stories on a chosen educational topic. The participants go through all the steps of making bread by hand. An emphasis is placed on sharing, as a basic tool through which the participants learn: they share emotions, experiences, impressions. In this way they learn patience, creativity, creative thinking, the pursuit of knowledge, improvisation, finding solutions to real situations in a funny and engaging way. Working with dough enhances concentration and focuses attention, which is extremely important in the high-tech fast-paced world.

Price: 15 BGN / 8 EUR per child


Breads of the World – This event takes the participants on a journey to different countries and regions of the world, learning about the diversity of continents and cultures, and at the same time kneading a bread that is typical for these cultures. The recipes were collected by the cultural anthropologist Nadezhda Savova and the participants would have the opportunity to enjoy unique views of beautiful places around the world.

Price: 15  BGN / 8 EUR per child


How: Zoom, before the event we will send you a link to the online meeting

Duration: 1:30 – 2 hours

Payment will be made with a bank transfer and a copy of the transaction is to be sent in advance.

For questions and reservations: +359 887945813 or sofia@bread.bg


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