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Join our inspiring training in the methods of the Bread Houses Network and its Social Enterprise Model!

The team of the Bread Houses Network has extensive experience in conducting trainings. Since 2009 we have shared our knowledge with over 150 people from around the world who successfully apply our methods in their organizations and local communities. The training can be conducted in English or Bulgarian. The training culminates with official certification as Trained Practitioner/Bread Art therapist and inclusion in our international community of Bakers Without Borders.

During the training, participants acquire practical skills to use the methods of the Bread Houses Network:

– Bread Therapyart therapy for people with special needs; victims of violence; various vulnerable groups

– Theater of Crumbs: emotional education method for schools/kindergartens

– Kitchen Music: music therapy and emotional education method

– 3S (Sifting – Shaping – Sharing) Alternative Career Guidance method: for high school and university students

– Breadbuilding Teambuilding: for companies and coaching groups

– Bread in the Dark (BIND): employing sight-impaired facilitators in mixed groups

– Breads and Cultures of the World: educational program in Cultural Anthropology for schools

The training also includes the board game Bakers Without Borders, winner of the UN Intercultural Innovations Award 2016. The trainees acquire the skills to facilitate and use the game in different social and educational settings. In addition to the Theater of Crumbs method included in the game, the following board games are presented:

– Create a Bread House – together participants develop ideas and skills how to become social entrepreneurs and create different social businesses;

– Become Bakers Without Borders – participants embark on an anthropological journey exploring the cultures and trying to solve local social problems of countries around the world.

The Bread Houses Network has an extensive experience in developing a social enterprise model – on one hand, in the form of innovative paid services, and on the other – in the form of a social enterprise bakery. Within the framework of the training, the experienced members of the network train on the history and the development of the social enterprise model of the Bread Houses Network, the functioning of the NadEzhko social bakery, the development of the Bread Houses Network innovative paid services and other paid products (board games, children’s books, etc.).  You can learn more on the website of our SOCIAL ENTERPRISE SCHOOL.

At the conclusion of the training you receive:

  • official Certificate as “Trained Practitioner/ Bread Art therapist”
  • free Handbook on the BHN Methods (180+ pages)
  • free educational game “Bakers Without Borders”
  • inclusion in our international community of Bakers Without Borders

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