Theater of Crumbs

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Drawing in flour and blending of bakery figures and stories on a chosen educational subject.

The participants go through all the steps of making bread. All the time, an emphasis is placed on sharing as the main tool by which they learn from each other: share emotions, experiences, impressions, and finally – the bread itself. In this way, they learn to work in a team, be patient, be creative, be thinking artistically, pursue knowledge, improvise, and find solutions to real situations in a fun and fascinating way. Working with dough helps concentration and focuses attention, which is extremely important in the high-tech, fast-paced world.

Steps to build “Crumbling Theater”:

  • Choose a Theater of Crumbs theme that inspires virtues and values.
  • Draw your idea on flour and share it the others
  • Mix the ingredients with your partner and work like a team
  • Form and decorate the bread according to the topic
  • Create a common story

Participants take the bread figures home where they can bake them and share them with their loved ones, as well as share the history and lessons learned from it.

The activity is suitable for kindergartens and schools, as well as for children’s centers, language schools and others.

Duration and price: 2 hours, 12 BGN/8 USD/6 Euros

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