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Renting of the room for a special event – company party, work meeting, special occasion (maiden party, anniversary), etc.

Bread House Sofia is located on 103 Ekzarh Yosif Street, in one of the oldest and most well-preserved parts of Sofia.

The premise is 80 m2, of which approximately 50 m2 hold a large event hall and approximately 20 m2 – a smaller workroom. The bread house has a kitchenette (sink, refrigerator, oven, microwave) and a bathroom with toilet and sink.

The room is suitable for events for people of all ages and groups.

Duration and price: negotiable.


  • Offers are prepared individually and the price of each event is determined by the number of participants, the duration of the activity and the language of communication (Bulgarian or English).
  • Each event (except for Bread in the Dark) can be organized outside the Sofia Bread House.
  • Part of the proceeds support our free social programs and bread therapy for people with disabilities, children and young people at risk and with problems in families, refugees, elderly people and others.

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