Kitchen Music

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Creating a poem and song the melody of which is composed and played with kitchen tools. This is an additional activity that can be added to each of the methods.

The “Kitchen Music” activity is based on spontaneity. In it the musical instruments are ordinary daily kitchen utensils, from graters to pans and jars. In this way, it helps rethink everyday life as a potential constant source of inspiration, creativity and beauty. There are no professionals in Kitchen Music, there are no better or worse musicians. The methodology is developed so that participants can create song lyrics and play easy rhythms to be united in a common melody. Kitchen music teaches listening to one another and through its sound to hear ourselves.

Steps to do “Kitchen Music”:

The first steps to bread-making are common to the Theater of Crumbs method, 3C: Sifting – Shaping – Sharing, Bread in the Dark, Breadbilding and others. With the finished dough, shapes are formed. Each image forms one sentence of a common poem, and everyone learns to rhyme and develop creativity and love for poetry. The poem turns into the lyrics of a song the music of which everybody composes together only with kitchen tools. The participants come from cacophony to harmony and creatively adapt the text to the melody. The result of the event is a wonderful song and bread that participants can share with each other or at home.

The Kitchen Music activity is suitable for kindergartens and schools, but also for higher education institutions, companies, organizations and other teams.

Duration and price of the activity are negotiable.

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