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A teambuilding service to improve team interaction by bread-making, transformative games and inspiring metaphors.
Breadbuilding is a new approach to corporate events designed to develop soft skills and improve teamwork. This is not just a culinary lesson, but a unique experience in which team members are seen in a different light. The stages of bread-making are analogous to the processes that take place in the teams when working on a project, so bread-related metaphors are a major element of teambuilding. Among the goals of the experience are to strengthen team trust, to improve

communication between employees, to develop team resources, to create conditions for change.

Depending on the purpose of the team, breadbuilding may affect different aspects of its life:
Targeting – selection of flour
Choosing priorities – sifting the flour                  Defining strengths – adding sugar
Recognizing difficulties – adding salt
Determining resources – adding yeast
Improving collaboration – making dough
Achieving unity – Raising of the dough
Evaluation of results and constructive criticism – discussing ready-made bread
Celebrating success – sharing the bread prepared together

Breadbuilding can also be devoted to important team themes such as unifying values ​​(such as customer satisfaction, product promotion, sustainability, etc.) or directions for development. The topic is selected in advance with the contact person for the event or on-site with the participants.

Goals of the event:

Sensitizing the team by preparing bread
Enhancing trust inside the team
Improving communication between team members
Prevention of stress
Developing team resources

The activity lasts from 2 to 4 hours, according to the time available to the team. It is suitable for both small and large teams. It can be held as a separate event, part of an annual meeting, conference, project, anniversary, or other special event.

Duration and price per person: 2-4 hours, 50-90 BGN/30- 50 USD/25-45 Euros

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