3S Sifting – Shaping – Sharing Method

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An innovative approach to career guidance through bread-making.

The method makes it possible, through a creative process that goes through the bread-making process, not to challenge logic as much as intuition, inspiration and imagination in participants. The method encourages them to spontaneously improvise and draw in flour their desired life project and career development path, which they later materialize in the form of a bread figure. In this way, participants become more aware of their inner development impulses, which often go beyond the desire for a well-paid job to connect more deeply with themselves and answer the question “why” before “what,” “how” and “where” they want to work and develop.

Stages of activity:

Sowing: Sifting and drawing in flour – a process of brainstorming talents and entering into the role of a dreamer.

Mixing: Kneading and shaping of dough symbols – a process of patience and career choice and acting as a critic.

Sharing: Presenting the pieces of dough and sharing a common story – a process of cross-linking and acting as a realist.

The activity is suitable for schools, higher education institutions, and career centers, and can be used in group discussions, career counseling sessions, and in individual sessions in combination with other methods as well as for all young people who want to learn more about their abilities, interests, values, personal characteristics and professional development needs.

Duration and price per person: 2 hours, 15 BGN/10 USD/8 Euros

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