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NEW! We recently launched a series of children’s books titled “The Adventures of NadEzhko, the hedgehog Baker Without Borders.”
In each book within the series, you can read about worldwide adventures and life lessons. As you follow the travels of NadEzhko across the globe, the adventurous hedgehog baker, you learn many intriguing traditions, from music and dance to various crafts and foods, and you grow wiser and open-minded. You can find more about the books and purchase them here: http://thegame.bakerswithoutborders.net/books/.



Take Part in Create & Bake “Your” Europe!

Take part in Bread connects Europe – Create & bake “your” Europe! Baking Competition until April 15. This competition is part the Tastes of Danube – Bread Connects initiative. Show your baked idea of Europe. Your baked goods can be sweet or savoury; they can be colourful or decorated with seeds or special item. Whether you work alone or in a group – everything is possible. Just use some sort of simple dough, be creative and realize “your” Europe as a shaped bread.
Please send a photo of your creation on your baking tray, name it, and describe your idea (max. 200 words), and send it to: info@ileu.net.
The main prize will be a trip for one or two people to the international meeting of the Danube-Networkers in Ulm from July 12th-15th 2018. The meeting is part of the 11th International Danube Festival Ulm/Neu-Ulm.
The Institute for virtual and face-to-face learning in adult education at Ulm University (ILEU e.V.) is the organizer of this competition.
By participating the competitors transfer ILEU e. V. the right to show their pictures online. For more information http://bread-connects.tastes-of-danube.eu/create-and-bake-…/

“We Are All Made from the Same Dough” is Tulip Foundation’s 2017 Project of the Year

The ” We Are All Made from the Same Dough ” project is one of three projects of the Year 2017 in the Tulip Foundation Contest! The project was nominated along with 18 more projects in the social sphere from different parts of Bulgaria and, together with two more initiatives, was recognized during a special ceremony. The winners of the competition were selected by a jury of professionals in business, media and diplomacy. “We Are All Made from the Same Dough ” is co-organized by the Sofia Bread House and the Council of Refugee Women in Bulgaria. The project was launched in November 2017 and will continue until June 2018. Its aim is to create opportunities for friendships between children from the refugee community and children from Bulgaria. It is funded by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), Bulgaria. We thank Rositsa Bogdalinska from the Foundation for Children at Risk in the World for the nomination and trust, the Council of Refugee Women in Bulgaria for the togetherness, all 110 children and parents from the refugee and the Bulgarian communities who made friendships and believed in us, the UNHCR about making this happen, the Tulip Foundation for the recognition!

Resolving Conflict by Baking Bread for Peace in Ireland

Breezy Willow from Ireland, a friend of ours and creator of the Bake Bread for Peace initiative recently visited St. Vincents all boys school in the Glasnevin Neighborhood, Dublin. During her two-day stay at the school, Breezy played the “Bakers Without Borders” game and used the Theater of Crumbs method to work with five groups of boys between the ages of 13-17. The focus of the bread-making activities was resolving conflict. Here is what Breezy shared about her visit to the school and the potential of collective bread-making events to be used for creating peace:

We talked about the conflict we have in our own lives, for example conflict with teachers as a result of not having homework or assignments completed on time, we talked about how such conflict could be avoided, leading to a more peaceful life. Some of the boys were having trouble with being bullied, name called and such things, this led to a really honest conversation between everyone and even some of the boys who had been bullying others made some commitments to change. We talked about conflict at home and causes of it. Once again we were able to identify areas where the boys realized they could change something to bring more peace into their family relationships. When we played The Theater of Crumbs, I was blown away with the stories that some of the boys came up with.”


Photos by Breezy Willow

Getting in Touch with the Tastes of the East

In the unusually warm Saturday of February 17, the Sofia Bread House was filled with flavors and tastes from the Middle East. Together with our close partners from the Council of Refugee Women in Bulgaria we organized an event titled “Breads of the East” in which women from Syria and from Syrian descent revealed some of the secrets of their traditional cuisine to Bulgarian participants. The event attracted great interest and managed to confirm the Syrian proverb “Even a small house can hold a thousand friends”! Everyone has the opportunity to try out their skills and make a fluffy “fatair” with cheese and spinach, an aromatic sambusak with olives and crunchy sweet cookies, sprinkled with sesame.
This was the second “Breads of the East” event, organized with the financial support of the German civil society organization Shoes for Bulgaria – Aktion “Schuhe für Bulgarien”.


Photos by the Council of Refugee Women in Bulgaria.

We “Knead” Friendships Between Young People from 6 Ethnicities

In the second half of February, we launched the “Bakers Without Borders – B(re)aking Bread and Borders” project, supported by the Niwano Peace Foundation, Japan. In the coming months, young people from several ethnic minorities will “mix” and become friends with Bulgarian youth. Each group will take part in three different workshops – a bread-making event on the topic “Who am I?” and based on the Theater of Crumbs Method, in which the participants will knead bread and use their imagination to create an improvised theater with bread figures; Kitchen music – creating text and melody of a song with kitchen tools; and playing the “Bakers Without Borders” game for social entrepreneurship. All workshops will be led by the team of the Sofia Bread House and we will be inviting the participants to share their views, stories, dreams, as well as the challenges in their communities and possibilities for addressing them. The project ends on 21 October with an Open Door Day, when participants will prepare and present traditional dishes and share them with relatives, friends, classmates and the local community. The event will also include a photo exhibit with moments of the project events, a concert with the songs created during the Kitchen Music workshops and an exhibition of bread figures and sculptures. You can find more about the schedule of the events and sign up from Sandra Topalska at sandra@bread.bg or call +359 885 039 071.

The Founder of the Bulgarian School in Milan Became a Baker Without Borders!

In mid-February, the Sofia Bread House team met with Gergana Hristova, founder and driving force of the Bulgarian school in Milan, Italy. Gergana came from Italy specifically to learn the methods of the Bread Houses Network. During her three-day visit, Gergana became acquainted and trained in the programs, methods, and the social-entrepreneurial model of the organization. She participated in specially organized bread-making events – an event titled “From Grain to Bread” with students from the Progressive Primary School, bread therapy with the Center for Social Rehabilitation and Integration “Annunciation”, bread-making in the dark with the Vox Populi Documentary Theater Studio. We wish her success in her bread-making endeavors and welcome her to the Bakers Without Borders platform.

We Learned More about People with Visual Impairments

At the end of January 2018, Milena and Lily from the Sofia Bread House team took part in visual awareness training on the project “Applied Theater in Support of Children and Youth with Visual Impairments,” funded by the EU and more specifically the European Social Fund Operation Programme on Human Resources Development. Participants in the training were educators from the country. The highlights and themes of the training included strategies for working with visually-impaired children and youth, the impact of visual impairments on children with such impairments, how and with what resources to support their development. The practical sessions included a workshop on safely guiding people with impaired vision in their surrounding environment, simulation exercises, as well as a theater seminar for young people with impaired vision. The Welsh expert Nicola Crews shared hеr rich experience in managing the risks of organizing activities for visually impaired children. And later, along with other trainers and organizers of the event, she participated in a “Bread In the Dark” event аt the Sofia Bread House. Bread In the Dark is a method for community-building and personal transformation, in which facilitators with visual impairments and sighted people make bread in a darkened environment and share their thoughts on important topics.

Participation in the No More War festival

At the end of January, 2018, the Bread Houses Network took part in the No More War festival, an initiative of CVS-Bulgaria in the framework of Service Civil International (SCI) PATH project. The festival’s main focus was on peace in its micro and macro dimensions. During our participation, a group of young people who are CVS participants in different countries (such as Bulgaria, Belgium, Spain, Kosovo, Germany, Italy, Serbia), made bread for peace. While making bread, the young people discussed what peace means to them, what supports and impedes peace. During the event we also presented the Bakers Without Borders game.

We Played the “Bakers Without Borders Game” as Part of an Initiative Sponsored by the Erasmus+ Program

On January 18 we played the “Build a Bread House” educational game on social entrepreneurship with 60 youngsters from Bulgaria, Macedonia and Serbia. By using the stages of growing wheat, we discussed how we can create a Bread House in their communities and which social groups can participate in the functioning of the Bread House. The youngsters visited the Sofia Bread House and played the “Bakers Without Borders” game as a part of the project “Youth Social Integration Through Social Entrepreneurship” funded by the Erasmus+ Program and implemented by the Bulgarian Memory Foundation (Bulgaria), together with the Bulgarian-Macedonian Friendship Association (Macedonia) and the Citizen Association “Grupa liperalnih, ambicioznih i solidarnih“ (Serbia). The goal of the project is to develop entrepreneurial skills through informal education and to contribute to youth employment.


The Bread Houses Network Was Awarded Participation in an International Forum on Solidarity Economy

In December, Zdrava Vodenicharova our team took part in the 8th Mont-Blanc Meetings international forum in Archamps, France. The goal of the forum is to promote Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE) within a pluralistic economy around the world with a specific theme of SEE: The New Efficiency. The event was a gathering between social and solidarity economy actors from 5 continents, and consisted of plenary sessions and collaborative workshops. It presents various stakeholders and leaders in the field of economic and social change in sharing ideas about economic innovation and development. Our organization was one of three finalists that received a special invitation and an award to present about our methods at the forum. The other two finalists were Scol’ERE Carbon Bursary (Canada) and the Federative Co-operative of Senegal’s Horticulture Actors (Senegal). Attendees of the forum were inspired and fascinated by our work. Apart from the international recognition that the Bread Houses Network received, our organization was also awarded free coaching sessions for organizational development from Coach Around The World, as well as access to tools that allow to facilitate organizational assessment, strategic and operational planning, international and external communication from CERISE. Zdrava from our team was also able to present the “Bakers Without Borders” game (http://thegame.bakerswithoutborders.net/) during the event.