Our Staff

Nadezhda Savova-Grigorova, PhDnadezhda-savova-phd

Founder of International Council for Cultural Centers and the Bread Houses Network. Awarded by National Geographic for Traveler of the year (2012)
e-mail: nadezhda@breadhousesnetwork.org

Milena KarakanovaMilenaKarakanova

Project coordinator in Sofia city, Bulgaria.

Mobile: +359 887 958 586
e-mail: milena@bread.bg

Rozaliya Radeva

Project coordinator in Sofia, Bulgaria

Mobile: +359 882 934 408

e-mail: rosalia@breadhousesnetwork.org

Atanaska Terziiska

Project coordinator in Sofia, Bulgaria

Mobile: +359 882 934 408

e-mail: atanaska@breadhousesnetwork.org

Ralitza Georgievalarkspur-georgieva

Project coordinator and art-therapist in Stara Zagora city, Bulgaria.

Mobile: +359 896 11 50 27
e-mail r.georgieva.g@gmail.com

Katerina BoyadzhievaKaterina

Manager and coordinator at the Bread House in the city of Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Mobile: +359 887 752 680
e-mail: plovdiv@bread.bg

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