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“Bakers without Borders” is a non-competitive educational game for all ages and different cultural settings, uniting people from all walks of life due to the unique power of bread as a universal symbol of sharing. With three sub-games, it can be used as a social business model and a guide for therapy and transformative life-long education. This innovative product has been developed by Dr. Nadezhda Savova-Grigorova the Founder of the Bread Houses Network.

Visit the game’s website: http://thegame.bakerswithoutborders.net for more information and order your copy today. Percentage of all proceeds from the sales of the game are donated to the Bread Houses Network (www.breadhousesnetwork.org) to support its social programs for free bread therapy sessions with people with disabilities and traumas in Bulgaria and other countries.


We started the Bread in the Dark project – We Knead to Mix!

The first trainings (on September, 29-30 and October, 6-7) in the Bread in the Dark method started on September, 29-30 and October, 6-7. The trainings were part of the “Bread in the Dark – We Knead to Mix” project, funded by Vivacom Regional Grant (http://vivacomfund.bg/#home). Fifteen people with sight impairments participated in the training. Together with the Sofia Bread House team, they went through the steps of the Theatre of Crumbs method and discovered the variety of metaphors associated with the ingredients of bread.

Fifteen volunteers joined the events as partners to the participants in the training. They took the challenge to knead bread in total darkness and counted on their other senses and people standing next to them to use the space and express their thoughts through bread figures. Dressed in special aprons with a braille signature “we knead to mix,” the participants discussed the topics of trust and freedom.

These two trainings laid the foundation for Sofia Bread House bread-making activities in complete darkness. They will continue as special events as well as a paid service.

Our methods as a social innovation

On September 29, Sandra from the Sofia Bread House team took part in the Academy of Cultural Management 2017, where she presented the work of the Bread Houses Network from the point of view of innovation in the social and cultural field. The Academy was organized by the Goethe-Institut Bulgaria, the Sofia Development Association and the City of Sofia. The main goal of the event was to build capacity and increase the competences of cultural managers in Sofia and the region. The event was attended by representatives of municipal and national institutions, as well as independent organizations from the cultural and educational spheres. Sandra also moderated a discussion on “Social innovations” – a possibility for idea exchange between cultural managers with rich experience and many implemented projects, as well as beginners in the field.

Crowd funding campaign for Bakers Without Borders in the Twin Cities area

Adam Majewski who is one of the latest Crumbassadors to join our Bakers without Borders community just started a great campaign which aims at raising funds to organize community building baking programs in Twin Cities, Minnesota. The program will “create a beacon of hope, help develop future leaders in social change and improvement, and ensure those most in need are receiving the basic food needs for themselves and their families”.

Adam, who is an owner and Baker of the Majestic Chef Bakery and Pastry Baker at the Wedge Co-op, intends to start three programs for social change in the Twin Cities. In the first one, he’s going to use the Theater of Crumbs method, developed by Dr. Nadezhda Savova-Grigorova, in order to organize puppet shows in which the attendees will teach each other about diversity within the community and will acknowledge the variety of their own opinions. The second program, called Let Them Eat Cake!  is an initiative to support those in need with healthy food through picnics, meal events and meal deliveries. The third part of Adam’s campaign is Bakers On The Run! Adam will create a running team which will act as both a fundraising platform for events and activities. Moreover, the team will provide mentorship for future generations of food service professionals.

Let’s support this great initiative HERE

Second Capacity Building Workshop for Intercultural Innovation Award Recipients Held in Gurgaon, India by the UNAOC and the BMW Group

Monitoring and evaluation, organisational development and leadership were the focus of the second capacity building workshop for ten recipients of the 2016 Intercultural Innovation Award. Hosted by the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations and the BMW Group, the workshop took place in Gurgaon, India from 12 February to 16 February 2017.

Participants of the workshop came from Brazil, Bulgaria, France, Germany, India, Israel, Kenya, the United Kingdom and the United States of America. The training sessions were designed with the aim of building their long-term impact and ongoing sustainbility so that their initiatives could be expanded and replicated in other contexts.

The first part of the event focused on leadership, organisational development and sustainbility, taught by experiential group learning, case studies and simulations. The participants were then taken through the steps to develop a monitoring plan, and how results from monitoring and evaluation could be used in making management decisions and for communications. A highlight of the workshop was seeing the work of current awardees, Routes 2 Roots and Safecity.

The Bread Houses Network was represented by the project coordinator Zdrava Vodenicharova. The awarded project “Bakers without Borders – Game and Network with community bread-making events as tools for intercultural dialogue and community cohesion, across more than 20 countries on 5 continents.

The training in Gurgaon is part of the one-year support programme provided to recipients of the Intercultural Innovation Award. The first capacity building workshop took place in Munich, Germany at BMW Group Headquarters during June 2016 and focused on the areas of strategic communication and effective planning.

Global AGENDA 21 for Culture Expert team visiting the first Bread House in the world in Gabrovo, Bulgaria

In September 2016, a team of experts in cultural policies for sustainable development from the global AGENDA 21 for Culture team visited the first Bread House in the world, in the town of Gabrovo, Bulgaria. The expert group included the current AGENDA 21 President, Catherine Cullen, and a few other international experts, among which Mr. Jordi Balta from Barcelona who had been cooperating with our network ever since its creation. At the Gabrovo Bread House, the diverse participants engaged in our Theater of Crumbs method and were thrilled by the way it unleashes creativity and helps bond people. Catherine Cullen also took with her our educational game “Bakers Without Borders” and shared how at international conferences she had already been presenting, and will continue in the future to present, the Bread Houses Network know-how as a good practice.

The international team chose the Bread House as a primary good practice of how the arts mixed breadmaking can create unique conditions for social inclusion through cultural engagement (read here the personal report of the AGENDA 21 President Catherine Cullen, visiting and featuring the first Bread House in Gabrovo, Bulgaria)

The city of Gabrovo has been selected together with other cities from around the world as pilot cities striving to promote cultural policies for sustainable local development. The Bread Houses Network is thus plannig cooperation projects with organizations in some of the AGENDA 21 pilot cities in Latin America, Europe, and elsewhere in this exciting field, where creativity becomes catalyst for social transformation. 

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Community building in Romania


One of our Bakers Without Borders and year-long Crumbassador, Yana Doncheva, had a recent project employing the Bread Houses Network methods in Romania in July 2016. During the course of Stella Leadership Programme, conducted by British Exploring Society, recent graduates from universities across the UK participated in a socially significant community project in the region around Sovata, Romania. One of the many activities during the Community project day was bread baking workshop for children with different social backgrounds, employing the “Theater of Crumbs” method. The aim was creating better conditions for community building through a shared activity and helping the establishment of long-lasting relations among the diverse children in the community.

Tastes of the Danube Project in Ulm fomenting the BHN vision of a European Bread Cultural Route

The Bread Houses Network took active part in the international Tastes of the Danube Project and its final conference and public event “Breakfast on the Bridge” in Ulm, Germany, in July 2016. The project and the big international event, where BHN Founder Dr. Nadezhda Savova-Grigorova was among the keynote speakers, strengthened a network along the Danube of people and organizations working with bread as a tool for unity and community-building.
Nadezhda’s long-envisioned dream to create a European and then global Bread (for Social Change) Cultural Route attracted many more partners and co-visionaries, and thus BHN continues to work towards the realization of the Cultural Route, with concrete contact points, places to visit, and events and programs to take part in the currently 20 European countries where BHN has developed partnerships.

Watch a video of the final public event of the Tastes of the Danube Project, an international Breakfast on the Bridge with traditional breads,music, and dances from all Danube countries.

Bread Houses Network awarded for social entrepreneurship

We are proud to share, that Nadezhda Savova-Grigorova, founder and director of the International Council for Cultural Centers (I3C) and the Bread Houses Network (BHN) has received the Iconic Innovative Trailblazers of the Decade award. It is bestowed by the Women Economic Forum 2016, which has taken place between May 16 and May 21 in New Delhi, India. The prize has been granted to Nadezhda for her contributions for the global development of social entrepreneurship.

Nadezhda, who holds a PhD in Cultural Anthropology by Princeton University, is the creator of Bread Houses Network. It started eight years ago in the Bulgarian town of Gabrovo, and nowadays it spreads over five continents and in twenty countries. The Network develops socio-cultural centers, which function as bakeries at the same time. Their mission is to unite the local communities through bread making, and to revive the tradition to prepare authentic sourdough bread. The main instrument for social change applied by the Organization is community bread making that has social, therapeutic, cultural, and educational character.

The knowledge and the experience acquired through the years with Bread Houses Network are summed up in the game Bakers without Borders, created by Nadezhda and her husband. Recently the game has received the Intercultural Innovation Award by the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations. With the resources by the award Nadezhda plans to work on the global distribution of the game. This is the first of her priorities, and the second is to further develop Bread in the Dark, a program whose mission is to connect sight-impaired facilitators with sighted people in 100% darkened environment where the group engages in bread-making as a catalyst for dialogue on various existential questions, experienced tangibly through the processes of kneading bread as metaphors for life.

Our game Bakers without Borders receives international recognition

Our game “Bakers without Borders” is amongst the ten global grassroots projects that received the Intercultural Innovation Award (IIA).

The award, a partnership between the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations (UNAOC) and the BMW Group, supports grassroots initiatives that promote intercultural dialogue and understanding. This year’s edition of the IIA was presented at a dedicated ceremony on 26 April during the 7th Global Forum of the UNAOC.


“Bakers without Borders” was selected amongst close to 1000 applications from more than 120 countries. In addition to monetary support, our project will receive mentoring from UNAOC and BMW Group to support its evolution. We will have the opportunity to participate in training activities and workshops, as well as to become part of the exclusive “Intercultural Leaders” network.

“Bakers without Borders” is an interactive, non-competitive board game which presents real cultural anthropology in an accessible way for people of all ages and backgrounds. Players unite in community bread-making events, mixed with artistic activities. They go through creative brainstorming sessions on social problems and social entrepreneurship, experiencing the transformative exchange of personal stories or dreams linked to cultures around the world