Announcing a Fundraising Campaign for the Plovdiv Bread House

We are proud to announce that we have recently launched an Indiegogo Campaign to raise money for our Plovdiv Bread House! We are currently in need of funds to renovate a 150 year old bakery in Plovdiv’s Old City in order to be able to establish a community cultural center. Any and all donations are welcome, and we encourage you to share this campaign with friends and family to help spread the word. For more information about the project and to contribute, please click HERE.

Thank you for your support, without which, none of this would be possible. When we make our bread, it takes a combination of ingredients to come together to create a final product. Similarly, it will take the collective effort of many individuals to be able to accomplish our goal!

Gabrovo Bread House and Social Enterprise Visit Sliven Festival


During the last weekend in June, the team at the Bread House and social enterprise in Gabrovo visited an artisan foods and crafts festival in Sliven, Bulgaria, to spread the word about our program and connect with other like-minded individuals. Set on top of a mountain overlooking the plains of Southern Bulgaria, it was a festival full of interesting and unique projects dedicated to producing goods with the utmost skill and care, from artisan cheeses to jewelry to pastries. At our own booth, we had information about the Bread Houses Network projects and our social enterprise, as well as a ton of our traditional sourdough to sell. Needless to say, it was a hit, and we just about sold out by the end of the weekend. We also met lots of new friends and  supporters, and had a ton of fun while promoting the mission of the Bread Houses Network.





The first in the world mobile bread house

The first in the world mobile bread house was launched in Princeton on May 25th: it is planned to go global from there and be built in the other countries where the bread houses network has planted seeds.

More information:

Please visit The MOBILE Bread House to learn more about building and planning the first Mobile Bread House.